How might we design a visually and contextually coherent frame that unites four different design projects, creating extra value as a whole? 


In order to overcome this challenge, we visualized the process as it evolved.  We acknowledged the importance of having a shared platform that could help us keep track of all projects' development. We prototyped different types of communication tools, each of them focusing on the visualization of a different aspect of the projects. These prototypes were intended not only as a tool for us to understand what other students were doing, but also as a way to construct an overall picture of the project and to facilitate the communication with GN. 

Talkit unites the group's projects and makes them coherent physically, visually and contextually. It consists of individual pamphlets, handmade bags, project map, actors’ maps, and the installation. Its visual identity, medium of choice and contextual form are carefully designed to contain all tools and make them most accessible to GN Resound.
This project was carried out as a teamwork between five co-design students and in collaboration with GN Resound.
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